The hammer felt and smashed...

In march this year my life changed alot. A thug assaulted me when I left the bus and almost beat me to death.
So now some 3+months later I am sitting here with daily suffering from the damages. Mainly I suffer from a brain damage that controls the total balance and the personal motor skills such as the fingers and the toes. Mainly meaning that alot of people think that I am drunk when I come stumbling on the street, acting wobbly, talk a bit funny and is not moving my hands properly.
A few times I tried to order from a bartender, and if I did not knew him in person i have been refused, even if the orders has been non-alcoholic. In Sweden where I live people are not use to younger people suffering from damages or others, as the country has not been in war since hundred of years, the population is "making it". If you act a bit strange you are automatically treated to be drunk or high on drugs. We have had many cases with people having attacks on epilepsy and even got arrested as drunk by the police, as none is listening to you. You are just refused in this bullshit country.
Being a bit prepared for that I can take it and carry on, because as I did well for myself so I know there will always be places for me, welcoming me in any condition, healthy or damaged. There will also always be a few people that is a bit further in humanity than the main source of the population. People who can think for themsleves and not listen to what the bloody newspaper or neighbour said and believe that shit like other people believes in bibles and religion.
With that in mind I will go on writing starting here and now a bit what is going on, a bit of things I like, some music relations and maybe something else.
Just telling you that there is a song that will pull on as a soundtrack for the next few days:

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